About Us

welcome to RandRiluBOX!

We are Risto & Raimo,
creators of the R&R brand.  Combined we have been in the beauty industry over 40 years.
The original vision of RandRiluBOX was to put together your personal subscription box of products 4 times a year from the favorite products of RandRilu salon stylists, based on your product preferences.
Unfortunately, life makes its corrections, and we have decided to change direction. ..
We take our experience and knowledge from the backstage of the fashion shows and want to bring to our colleagues exciting and innovative products that simplify our daily work in the salon and help create even more creative and exciting hairstyles..
In addition to exciting tools, we were the first in Estonia to introduce Facepro faceshields, which keep troublesome cut hair away from the client's face and make the visit to the salon significantly more comfortable and easier for both the client and the stylist. Of course, there are more ways to use Facepro... 
Next, we launched the innovative Bungeetape in Estonia and the Baltics.
At the end of 2022, we brought You the R&R KODU (HOME) product series, which consists of our own handmade products to make your home even cozier...
Happy shopping!