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Grimas TipCreme 8ml #81

Grimas Tipcrème is a clear, glossy polyethylene glitter providing
a quick-drying and easily washable gel texture.
It is for instance used for face-painting.
Contrary to what the name 'crème' might suggest,
the gel does not contain oils or waxes.
Tipcrème comes in an 8 ml tube.
Tipcrème is available in a variety of colours.

Tipcrème can be applied directly onto the skin or into the hair.
You can apply it directly from the tube or with a brush.
If the Tipcrème is applied on top of the Water Make-up,
one must work quickly and without rubbing.
Do not apply the Tipcrème as eye shadow, as the glitterparts can irritate
the eyes.

You remove Tipcrème with Grimas Cleansing Cream or with water and soap.


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